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Tests and assessments are tools used by mental health professionals to gather information about an individual’s psychological functioning and emotional well-being. These tests can provide valuable insights into an individual’s thought patterns, behavior, and emotions, helping counselors to diagnose mental health conditions and develop treatment plans. There are many different types of psychotherapeutic tests, including self-report measures, behavioral assessments, and projective techniques. The results of these tests are used in conjunction with other forms of evaluation, such as clinical interviews, to get a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s mental and emotional state. Psychologic tests can also be used to monitor the progress of therapy and to track changes in the individual’s mental and emotional well-being over time.

The tests that we apply in our center are:

Relationship-focused assessments are also conducted in our center. These are:
Child and Family Assessment
Couple Relationship Assessment
Psychological Assessment for Elders

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